Watch President Trump’s address to conservatives live here

President Donald Trump will be speaking to Heritage members at our annual President’s Club Meeting this Tuesday, October 17 at 7:30 pm Eastern.

You can watch the President’s address live here and share your thoughts on how to make America great again in the comments below.

Heritage has been instrumental in providing the Trump administration with sound policy advice and experts who now serve in key government positions.

The Trump administration has drawn from Heritage’s plans to balance the budget, cut wasteful government programs and agencies, strengthen our national security, fix our broken immigration system, protect religious liberty and the dignity of life, and provide tax relief to Americans.

“And no group is more responsible for helping to craft Trump’s agenda than the Heritage Foundation…Today the group’s fingerprints are on virtually every policy Trump advocates, from his economic agenda to his Supreme Court nominees.” – New Republic magazine, February 22, 2017

We are honored to have the President of the United States as our keynote speaker.

Tune in here on Tuesday October 17 at 7:30 pm Eastern to watch President Trump’s special address.


If you could ask President Trump one question what would it be?

3,696 responses to “Watch President Trump”

  1. A Kellogg says:

    Why are you not demanding Rep support you in FULLRepeal, as you and many ran on?

  2. Marilyn Ziegler says:

    Please stand up for the mentally Ill. What resources are being given to them?

  3. Superman says:

    When are you going to step down so we can get someone in the white house that actually knows what they are doing?

  4. Beverly says:

    I feel as though our country has been hijacked and not to come back…and that presidents are figureheads with no real power…answering to dark creatures if they step l too far away from their plans for this land and people. I feel that we mean NOTHING!! I am 75, female, black and have lived through some things…pleasant and unpleasant. NOTHING compares to what I am living through today…not even the fear of Russians bombing in the past. Law of the land does NOT apply to certain people while my people have languished in jails for MANY years. Can it END!!

  5. Kamiko says:

    Keep moving forward President Trump. You are doing the best you can under the circumstances you face. As Americans we must stand for something and not fall for anything.

  6. Victoria Sirak says:

    Barack Obama’s traitorous activities are apparent to many.On behalf of my constituents and my self, we would very much like to see Mr Obama indicted and prosecuted for his crimes against the American people.
    He is not exempt from the law because of his office where he served the “deep state” and not Americans.

  7. Kathy Barfield says:

    Are you able to STOP the CHEMTRAILS?!

  8. Ray says:

    When are you going drain the swamp and prosecute all the criminals in DC.

  9. Speaker of Truth says:

    How are you so incredibly incompetent that a Senator Sanders supporter like myself would prefer Bush 44 as president again to yourself?

  10. Maureen Howard says:

    What are you going to do about the latest news about Hillary Clinton and Obama???

  11. Geoffrey Chapman says:

    Are you as happy now, doing what you are doing, as you were before you became president?

  12. Tina Newman says:

    I don’t understand why people continue to fight you..why can’t the help America people be normal and give this president a chance..I sat through all the shit Obama gave us in the last 8 years…never said anything except..see I told you so…stop this fighting,protesting,and hating. . Make America Great Again!!

  13. Paul Hudson says:

    When will we see an infrasture program?

  14. Melba Romero says:

    No question just a big THANK YOU!

  15. Norma Ross says:

    Why is it that my husband served 20 years in the USC.G. and now has Alzheimer’s Disease with zero help from the Veteran’s Adm.?

  16. Brian Holtz says:

    Can you please pass a law to eliminate lobbyists?
    Lobbyists are overpowering good decision making instead of the wishes of average citizens.

  17. Tina Newman says:

    If you can keep the dems trolls off here we might accomplish something.

  18. Lynn Burke says:

    Christopher Columbus never set foot in North America and killed 100s of 1000s of people. Come on President Trump! Talk about fake news! Christopher Columbus is fake news. Old news, but still fake old news.

  19. Robert L Lathrop says:

    Would you put into ink a “fee” of $6000 on abortion providers per abortion that would help poor families with prenatal care and for barren families that can’t afford to travel overseas to adopt…. Mothers needn’t cry for years over unborn children that were murdered in the womb.

  20. Claudia K Baya says:

    I receive an 800$ bonus in December, the bank takes 400$ of it? What will you do to prevent this from happening?


    are you familiar with the former firefighter, MARK TAYLOR, and his writings and, further, are you in agreement with what he has written–particularly his prophecies concerning you and your ascension to the White House?

  22. Sandra Joan Mincey says:

    Do you believe that God has personally chosen you and ordained and equipped you to lead this great Nation?

  23. Massala Reffell says:

    Children growing without fatherly love, which is common in polygamic societies, grow up with hate and some bask in terrorism as adult. If strong family values, mariage of one man to one woman. Is part of our heritage, why dont we talk about family values anymore?

  24. Richard S. Page says:

    I wanted to be your personal advisor during the campaign. I sent letters by Priority Mail to you (8 pages), to Melania, and the Mary Ann Conway, over a four-month span. I answered all of your narrative questionnaires. Nobody answered any. Perhaps because I am not rich and famous. My strengths in education & careers were either equal to yours such as sales, marketing, law, psychology, and analytics or superior where you are weak such as history, political science, culture, philosophy, and religion. In fact, I would take you down the road to Damascus to get to the White House like on a superhighway instead of the bumpy route that you took. I would motivate you to use your hated tweeter to be the greatest evangelist since Billy Graham or Jonathan Edwards. I never doubted that you wanted to make America Great Again and knew why and when you crossed your Rubicon.
    Go to my website and spend an hour or two testing something in each tab. You will know me so well that you will send your chopper to pick me up. You can smell money and victory. You have great instincts. You will know in your bones that this unknown person is a child of God who knows his daddy well enough to enlist Him into driving the Trump Train to dizzying heights that few men have gone before.

  25. Laree says:

    Mr President, thank-you for your time.
    I would like to know in legal terms the definition of “invasion” also “occupation”.
    If well over 30 million people are living in our country illegally with new gangs and crimes building up everyday, with organizations such as la raza (which means the race, they are the Mexican version of Nazis) taking over our neighborhoods, burning our flag and raising their own in our parks, bringing in millions of doses of fentanyl every few days, (enough fentanyl is currently in this country to kill everyone in this country!) it would seem that at the very least an invasion has occurred in “occupied America”. What are your thoughts?

  26. Marilyn Ziegler says:

    What will you do to encourage support for the Mentally Ill and funds are used for research for the Gay community all the time and lots of our money goes to Planned Parenthood. Who will stand up for the families with a mental illness going on? So ;many suicides, and crises.

  27. Kerry Jensen says:

    Why not support “The Fair Tax Bill” that would truly Make America Great Again!

  28. John Sinclair says:

    How can the U.S. protect Christians in hostile countries while spreading Christianity? Solomon would have a hard time with that one…. We know the Church grows best under persecution and the affluent Church in the West is becoming reprobate and apostate. Yet we must do all we can to help our brothers and sisters to survive and thrive. So, HOW?

  29. John Pass says:

    Mr. President, could you please come and visit us in the greater Seattle area? Thanks!

  30. sarah bakefelt says:

    When are you going to help the Bundy people from the evil bureau of Land Management which is corrupt and why let all that land Obama immorally took away from We the people illegally. please help Bundy and undo what O.B. took land away from we the people. Let people homestead on this land. two questions yet one because Bundy was part of that land grab.

  31. Sherry Johnson says:

    What is being done to protect Military officers and judicial candidates from discrimination due to Christian beliefs? It is unconstitutional and is currently happening. Can there be a safe place for discrimination reporting? Judicial prosecuting?

  32. Jenni says:

    After building the wall, what are the next immediate steps for creating a path for immigrants without paperwork, already within the United States, who have no other criminal charges and who are legitimately contributing to the welfare of their families and communities?

  33. Harry Southern says:

    What can I do to help ?

  34. David C. Cross says:

    When will the Trump DOJ investigate and indict officials who sanctioned the 20% sale of USA uranium to the Russians as approved by the former Obama Government officials?

  35. June Adams says:

    I would ask President Trump is he has any regrets about becoming President.?

  36. Brenda Carson says:

    I love this president he has been the only president for years that care about this country the pass presidents should be in jail with kilpatrick they were doing the same thing he was doing getting paid for doing things for people that had money and that is still going on in congress they are very dishonest to the America people, Democrat’s want illegal people to vote and come over here because they think they will get there votes because they think they are dumb Dem. are very dishonest and they do not follow our constitution they do whatever they want they did not fight for this country our forefathers did!

  37. June Adams says:

    I would ask President Trump if he has any regrets about becoming President?

  38. sarah bakefelt says:

    When are CD rates going to go up?????

  39. Jim McDannald says:

    When will Obama be indicted for his crimes while in office ?

  40. Cheryl says:

    When will congress be under the same insurance as the rest of us

  41. Jim Christiansen says:

    What organizations have acknowledge to you that they will bring offshore money back to the US if the tax reform initiatives are enacted?

  42. Terry Wirth says:

    Physicotoxic Carbon Nanotube Fragments, and other aphysinthonic nano particulate pollution, produced by government mandated catalytic converters, are creating a much greater health epidemic than the asbestos physicotoxin epidemic which kills 12000 to 15000 people per year in the United States.
    Will you take action to allow the replacement of catalytic converters with air wash and scrubber technology, to truly clean our air and water?

  43. Robert L. Wiltfong says:

    Why isn’t Obama and H Clinton in jail for treason and murder?

  44. Tom Chapman says:

    Do you plan to try to eliminate the illegal TAX on those that cannot afford health insurance? Seems unfair to be just getting by on a $60,000 salary and unable to pay $1400 a month for $6,750 deductible – then have to pay $900+ as a penalty for being too poor for insurance! We need CHANGE AS PROMISED so eliminate the tax!

  45. Robert L. Wiltfong says:

    He isn’t Obama and H Clinton in jail for treason?

  46. Margot Nickerson-Malpher says:

    Mr, President, Though there are many important items on your desk today, could you add one more for the little animals of this earth who give so much love and devotion to us, their human friends? We need to stop the Poisonous Agenda of certain animal rights groups whose only goal is to destroy, not save the lives of animals. I have a suggestion: We need to fund the Animal Welfare Act to ensure that animals and those who love them (their owners) receive the resources they need. Please help. TKU

  47. Kenneth Barker says:

    We longer have a democratic republic. Socialism is rapidly taking over in America today. How can we the people prevent that from taking place?

  48. Dante Corso says:

    Why are you doing away with the medical deduction? This hits hardest the Americans who are trying to maintain their health and that of their families in the face of increasing health costs and insurance malaise.

  49. Nancy Floyd says:

    I am disabled and have been for 7 years. My question why can’t you get raise?

  50. David Butler says:

    Please do something about the health care of Veteran, the V.A. is a expense was to try and help but it is a waste of tax payer money, and there is to much red tape, please help!