Watch President Trump’s address to conservatives live here

President Donald Trump will be speaking to Heritage members at our annual President’s Club Meeting this Tuesday, October 17 at 7:30 pm Eastern.

You can watch the President’s address live here and share your thoughts on how to make America great again in the comments below.

Heritage has been instrumental in providing the Trump administration with sound policy advice and experts who now serve in key government positions.

The Trump administration has drawn from Heritage’s plans to balance the budget, cut wasteful government programs and agencies, strengthen our national security, fix our broken immigration system, protect religious liberty and the dignity of life, and provide tax relief to Americans.

“And no group is more responsible for helping to craft Trump’s agenda than the Heritage Foundation…Today the group’s fingerprints are on virtually every policy Trump advocates, from his economic agenda to his Supreme Court nominees.” – New Republic magazine, February 22, 2017

We are honored to have the President of the United States as our keynote speaker.

Tune in here on Tuesday October 17 at 7:30 pm Eastern to watch President Trump’s special address.


If you could ask President Trump one question what would it be?

3,696 responses to “Watch President Trump”

  1. Louis Holub says:

    God Bless Pres Trump !! America is back !!

  2. Carollyn Gillespie says:

    Mr. President
    I am a disabled, natural born, American citizen. 66 yrs. old. Worked at something since I was 16. Had polio when I was 11 months old. No one ever said I could go to the gov’t for a handout. Then, in my forties, I was diagnosed with post polio syndrome and put on disability. Haven’t worked for nearly 30 yrs. But, this yr, because I got widows benefits and put officially on retirement, my check went up a whole $291. They took my food stamps and medicaid. I have to go back to work in my condition. Yet, immigrants come here, get tax free money and they don’t have to pay it all back. They open service stations and hotels. Buy fantastic retirement homes and live the life of Raleigh. Where is the same help for me and people like me?



  4. Dale M. says:

    How can you keep Social Security secure ?

  5. Edward Finley says:

    Thank you for remaining resolute despite the activities in the MSM and other Leftist organizations like George Soros and his groups. We recognize the fight we are in and we keep the faith! First of all in our Lord! Second of all in you our President and those in Congress that will come alongside and support our Nation and our values. How can we as Christians do a better job in getting the word out?

  6. Aaron Cavanagh says:

    Why is the wall not getting Built ???

  7. Menachem Ben-Mordechai says:

    when will we start the canal from the Mississippi River to the west, the largest single water construction project in the history of the world? thank you, Menachem Ben-Mordec hai Phoenix, AZ

  8. Bill says:

    Do you support and endorse an Article V Convention? Yes or No.

  9. Kathy says:

    I would like to know why people are being stopped from singing the national anthem on Delta because their policy doesn’t allow it. But the person that wanted to sing it was for the soldiers body being flown home on that plane. Why is it liberal cry babies can say and do anything they want and upstanding caring citizens have to sit down and shut up. When are we going to be rid of the garbage in this country. I will boycott Delta and the NFL as long as I live.

  10. RAZ AL VEZ says:

    Not a question. to let you know that i know that gods hand s on you president Trump to save America one more time and i also know in my heart, that the wall will be built, and i know the almighty God will continue to direct you, to do all that you said you would..and to let you know, President Trump that you are doing a great job…Jesus is with you.

  11. Kathy says:

    Mine is not a question it is a statement. I may not always agree with everything you do and say. But I am proud you are our president and I pray for you and our country daily. Please continue to fight for values that we all grew up with. God being front and for most. God bless you always. P. S. Oh and please stop tweeting I live with both liberals and consevatives and they argue about your tweets. I hate the argueing. Sorry.

  12. Susana Curatolo says:

    Mr. President: Will you support Maria Corina Machado and get Democracy back into Venezuela?

  13. Marvin Ramirez says:

    Why do you dislike Hispanics so much?

  14. Marvin Ramirez says:

    Why do you dislike Hispanics?