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“You are both trustworthy and knowledgeable when discussing the important matters regarding governance in our Representative Constitutional Republic.” –Dermot Flynn

“You are the last, best chance of overcoming the socialist agenda openly advanced by the far left and their supporters in various camouflage who pretend less drastic modification of our wonderful country.” –William Powell

“This is the one organization our family can trust to actively, aggressively, and continuously promote Conservative ideals in Washington on behalf of all Americans. Heritage gravely undertakes daily the sacred duty to protect our precious Constitution and the irreplaceable Bill of Rights from revisionists. We are the minutemen of today and my Heritage support enables me to be a citizen soldier in the battle.” –Lynette Villa

“The research Heritage provides is excellent; even more, the moral leadership you and other conservative leaders, such as Becky Norton Dunlop and James Carafano exhibit is outstanding.” –Jeanne Smoot

“I greatly appreciate Heritage Foundation’s thorough research and careful policy development. Your commitment to the Constitution, America’s founding freedoms, and time-tested conservative, moral, and spiritual principles is so refreshing in the present turbulent times in America. I am grateful for the impact you are making in the halls of government and in the national conversation as well as for the clarity you often bring to my own thinking.” –Richard Nazarenus

“They seem to truly support conservative ideas and actions. The Republican party has strayed from its roots and cannot maintain any semblance of unity any more. I am rapidly losing faith in them so am turning to The Heritage Foundation to support the ideas that interest me.” –Ronald Morton

“The major reason Jan and I support the Heritage Foundation is because you are the one private organization that understands and fights for the principles layer out in our Constitution. We pray daily that our nation’s leaders will listen and consider your recommendation which are based on spud understand and commitment to those principles spelled out in our founding documents.” –Duane Hardesty

“Freedom is and will always be under attack from the left. Heritage speaks the truth and seeks the truth on all fronts of our political debate. I am grateful for all that you do to protect and defend our Constitution and the foundation of our free people. Never give up.”  –Clifford Lykke

“You are doing a great job of protecting our Constitution and conservative values.” –James Hunt



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