Sign the Pledge to Stop the Left’s Socialist Agenda!

America’s great heritage is under attack from a cultural revolution of far-left extremists who are pushing their radical agenda in an attempt to break down all we cherish and know to be true. They sow the seeds of fear, disorder, violence, and hatred. 

They use the powerful weapon of “cancel culture” to destroy any brave person who stands against them—getting that person fired and excommunicated from society just for disagreeing with them.

And they use your silence as consent and momentum to propel them forward, unopposed.

These radicals aim to rewrite history and destroy what you know to be true about our founding and American history. Why? To reshape it to fit their ideals.

Enough is enough. 

There is strength in numbers. We must band together to protect each other and our American heritage from “cancel culture”. Together, we are stronger and cannot be defeated by the angry horde.

Will you stand up for America today? We are under attack, and we must band together to mount a strong enough defense to protect the truth about America for another generation.

Tell us what you pledge to do from the list below:

Hold law enforcement, mayors, governors and federal authorities accountable for stopping the violence and destruction and bring those committing criminal acts to justice while protecting the rights of good people to protest peacefully.

Condemn any attempts to tear down and vandalize statues, memorials and monuments across the country and stand united as Americans in the defense of our heritage, culture and the rule of law.

Support our police officers who risk their lives every day to protect us no matter our color, religion, sex or nationality—while also making needed reforms to weed out bad cops and end unacceptable policing procedures.

Combat the Marxist agenda from elected officials and independent groups. This agenda has wrought destruction on nations for generations. It expands government control and takes every opportunity to limit freedom—and it must not take root in the United States.

Reject radical, disturbing, and misleading groups like Antifa and the BLM organization (whose misleading names conceal a more expansive and dangerous agenda) that are completely out of step with American values and want to impose an ideology on America that would only bring greater poverty, violence, and destruction.

Vote for the implementation of conservative policies to create jobs, end poverty, provide better access to health care, improve education, and strengthen families to ultimately ensure America’s promise of liberty and opportunity is a promise for all Americans.

Defend conservative values that will build an America where freedom, opportunity, prosperity and civil society flourish for all.

Sign the pledge by entering your name and email address below!