Take a stand against indoctrination and demand education reform by completing and signing the statement below:

Enough is enough—we must no longer allow America’s children to be indoctrinated with far-Left ideologies. Families deserve school choice. And aggressive reform and oversight of our education system are long overdue.

Please mark which of the following steps you believe lawmakers must take to put students first and their parents in charge of education and care.

Early Childhood Education and Care

  • Reduce tax burdens to informal childcare programs

  • Allow 529 Savings Accounts to cover preschool and childcare expenses.

Elementary and Secondary Education

  • Expand Opportunity Scholarship Program (OSP) eligibility so that all children can access scholarship funding

  • Provide “School Choice” that returns power to parents who are better suited to choose how and where their children are taught

  • Establish a Parent’s Bill of Rights

  • Establish education savings accounts that allow parents to choose how and where their child learns

  • I believe state legislatures and school boards should prohibit the application of critical race theory, enact school choice legislation, expand education savings accounts, and enact comprehensive parental rights bills.