You can save the Supreme Court

Senator Chuck Schumer has publicly advocated a court-packing plan to load the Supreme Court with radical leftists who would dominate the judicial branch for a generation.

This continues an under-the-radar liberal scheme to dominate the courts. For the last eight years, they’ve been stacking the federal courts with radical liberal judges  — judges who take it upon themselves to create laws rather than interpret them. In fact, President Obama’s nominees have flipped nine of the thirteen federal courts to liberal domination.

The liberals’ strategy to pack the courts with activist judges could be one of the biggest threats to your liberties and limited, constitutional government.

As stalwart conservatives and defenders of the Constitution, you and I can’t sit back and let this happen. 

This is the plan to halt and reverse the liberal takeover of the courts

The Heritage Foundation has developed a strategy to help lawmakers thwart these nefarious schemes and we need your help to organize a concerted resistance to any liberal judges. Heritage will:

  • Recommend conservative judges the next president can nominate.
  • Organize public resistance to left-wing judges.
  • Give Senators the procedural tools to block any liberal nominee.
  • Collaborate with our sister organization Heritage Action so that they can apply grassroots pressure to block all liberal nominees.

This fight has already started — and could heat up right after the election

No matter who wins the November election, liberals want to use the “lame duck” session of Congress to push through a vote on President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland. Depending on the election, the next Supreme Court pick could be even more liberal!

Heritage has to work hard now to empower the conservative that will stymie liberals’ plan to turn the judicial branch into a progressive judicial activism machine. The future of America and the integrity of our constitutional government depends on it!

A conservative Senate majority is not required to block a liberal nominee.

In fact, according to a new Heritage analysis of the Constitution and Senate procedure, it doesn’t require any more than a small number of principled conservatives to hold the line. We can use procedural strategies to block a nominee and even prevent the use of the “nuclear option” to force through a nominee by majority vote.

Now’s the time to involved in this critical fight for our nation’s future.

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But, as you know, principles without action cannot create the change needed. This is where The Heritage Foundation’s sister organization, Heritage Action for America, comes in.

Heritage and Heritage Action together are an unstoppable force for liberty.”
— Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)

Heritage Action for America is able to hold lawmakers accountable to Heritage’s conservative policy solutions through a unique combination of political muscle and a vast grassroots army.

While Heritage wins the broader war of ideas, Heritage Action wins the political battles. Since its founding in 2010, Action has successfully moved Congress in a more conservative direction. Heritage Action’s 450,000 activists and team of Washington lobbyists forced lawmakers to cut spending, limit President Obama’s tax hikes, protect the Second Amendment, and stand up time and again to fight Obamacare.

Heritage Action relies on the support of tens of thousands of conservatives like you to battle the liberal onslaught and advance conservative ideas. Your gift to Heritage Action, will ensure:

  • Lawmakers continue to feel pressure to vote for conservative legislation in Washington and in their home districts
  • Strengthen our national infrastructure of more than 450,000 grassroots activists and recruit thousands more elite Sentinel activists
  • Continue to fight for your conservative principles, no matter what Barack Obama and his liberal allies throw at us

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