Principled Estate Planning For Conservative Families

As conservatives, we believe the role of our federal government should be limited.

This belief lies at the heart of America’s founding. As a freedom loving American, you understand there’s little our government can do that can’t be done better by private citizens. A government that oversteps its bounds results in the economic failure, destruction of parental rights, and radicalization of children that plagues our country today.

If the next generation isn’t taught the proper role of government, America will be in grave danger of being overtaken by socialist policies. Combating the insidious nature of the leftist assault on our freedoms begins with the most important foundation America is built upon: Your family.

Including charitable gifts in your estate plan is one of the most meaningful ways to stop the leftist assault on America and teach children an important life lesson.

Our Heritage Legacy Society members—those Heritage members who have remembered Heritage in their wills, trusts, or other planned gifts—are helping ensure their children and grandchildren can reach their full potential in a nation that upholds their constitutional freedoms and values free market principles, not socialism. The important work Heritage is doing on immigration policy, education reform, critical race theory, and radical identity politics is helping ensure future generations inherit an America in keeping with our Founding Fathers’ vision.

Estate Planning for Conservative Families

  • Traditional estate planning may help take care of your family’s material needs, but the ability to thrive in a free and prosperous nation is paramount to their wellbeing. In addition to taking care of your loved ones, consider an estate gift of any amount to help insure the future of America as well.
  • Including an organization like Heritage in your estate plans provides an opportunity to talk about your own values with children and grandchildren. It’s a meaningful way to illustrate the importance of America’s founding principles and the proper role of government in its citizens’ lives.
  • Use your own estate to demonstrate the proper role of inheritance. Most conservatives value the part that fiscal responsibility and a strong work ethic has played in their lives. These values are just as important for the next generation. Demonstrate balance between material success and civic duty by including charitable giving in your plans. Openly share the reasons why the charities you support are important to you. Doing so will inspire those you love to follow your example someday.

How do I get started?

It’s never too early to incorporate charitable giving into your estate plans. Even families with children or other dependents who rely on their financial support can name a charitable contingent beneficiary in the event their beneficiaries are no longer living. This arrangement can be incorporated into most wills or living trusts as well as many beneficiary accounts such as IRAs or life insurance policies. One of the easiest ways to create a charitable legacy is to request a “change of beneficiary” or “transfer on death” form from the custodian managing your qualified retirement account, life insurance policy, or commercial annuity.

For example, the insurance policies you may have purchased as a safety net for young children may no longer be as vital for adult children with established careers. Also keep in mind non-spousal beneficiaries of your IRA—including children—could be taxed up to 70% on their cash proceeds after income and estate taxes are factored in. Consider using these types of assets to create a charitable legacy instead.

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