“Success in politics is about issues, ideas, and the vision we have for our country and the world—in fact, the very sum and substance of the work of the Heritage Foundation.” — President Ronald Reagan, 1983

Campaign goal: $50 million

Help build The Heritage Foundation Freedom Center

Wage a policy war on the dominant liberal political culture at close range—and rekindle freedom across an entire nation.

The Heritage Foundation has been successfully advancing freedom and driving victories for your conservative principles for decades—since we supplied the intellectual ammunition for President Ronald Reagan’s upstart “revolution” that saved America from a so-called hopeless decline.

The Left and the crony Establishment despised and resisted us every time we succeeded. The same factions despise and resist us to this day. Now with our constitutional freedoms being systematically stripped away by President Obama and his ultra-liberal allies at all levels of government, the demands on Heritage have grown. To beat down Big Government we need to expand our footprint on Capitol Hill.

The key to all other conservative victories

Vastly expanding our presence in Washington D.C.—the belly of the beast— is critical to future conservative victories. For it is from this base that we will wage political war with the Left and the Establishment at close range.

That is why we must raise $50 million to build The Heritage Foundation Freedom Center—which will be the physical epicenter of the conservative movement in America.

The Freedom Center will be only blocks from the U.S. Capitol in a remodeled structure already purchased—prime real estate once rented by far Left groups. The modernized Freedom Center will be designed for educating Congress, impacting the media, broadcasting facts to mobilize grassroots America, and bringing together the forces of conservatism to coordinate strategy and move the gears of power.

In short, the Freedom Center will be a beachhead from which we can simultaneously reach the masses across America and educate Congress  . . . from inescapably close range! And that’s why a generous donor has offered to match every gift to this campaign, dollar for dollar.

Your role is vital . . . and historic

Your donation to help launch this phase of the Reclaim America campaign is crucial.

The building was originally built in the 1920s as an apartment house. It must be gutted and fully modernized from top to bottom before we can turn it into a 21st Century headquarters for the American conservative movement and our 1.8 million grassroots activists.

We’re hiring architects, engineers, space planners and other costly-but-needed specialists. It’s a huge challenge. And it will take a great deal of time and effort, as well as funding. But the results will be a historic impact that cannot be topped in any other way.

When this building– your building!–is complete, it will be like nothing Washington has ever seen.

But the time is now, and the situation is urgent. Millions of Americans have seen the misery and hopelessness that the liberal policies of the Obama administration have inflicted on our country. They are ripe for conservative change once again, and the conservative movement is ripe for revolutionary growth.

The new Freedom Center will be the driving force behind a revitalized conservative resurgence, not just in Washington, but also around the country.

And thanks to a generous Heritage supporter, your gift to restore liberty in our nation’s capital will be doubled.

Make your tax-deductible contribution now to help launch The Heritage Foundation Freedom Center, and change the course of American history!

When you donate, your name will be entered on our Registry of Honor, which will permanently recognize those who step up and support Heritage’s Reclaim America campaign. It will underscore for posterity that you are a staunch conservative of conviction and commitment. And if you give $1,000 or more, your name will be inscribed on a brick laid in the outdoor terrace of our Freedom Center.

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Thank you for your gift to the Heritage Foundation!

You know that sound conservative policy is the best answer to our nation’s problems.

But the liberal left and the Washington Establishment have been blinded by fake news and a stubborn resolve to keep the status quo. This is unacceptable! They have to feel the heat—and that’s where Heritage Action for America comes in. Heritage Action’s lobbyists and grassroots activists put political pressure on legislators and lawmakers to get The Heritage Foundation’s policies across the finish line. Each and every day, Heritage Action is pressuring lawmakers to step it up and fix health care, stop amnesty, and pass welfare reform—or they’ll feel the heat at the polls. But we can’t do this without you.

Hold Washington’s feet to the fire with your gift to Heritage Action today!

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