The Left is intent on corrupting the next generation, but you can stop them…

Leftists are brainwashing vulnerable schoolchildren with radical gender ideologies and sexually explicit curricula. Woke politicians are overriding parental rights with extreme policies.

Meanwhile, college campuses have become indoctrination camps. Universities are spending millions promoting so-called diversity, equity, and inclusion policies that stifle free speech, sow discord among students, and foster hatred towards America.

By targeting our children, the Left is trying to destroy the pillars of our society. The constitutional freedoms and self-governance that we cherish cannot be taken for granted. Leftists know that undermining faith, family, and traditional American values brings them closer to their goals. Have you thought about how you can protect your children and grandchildren from the systematic indoctrination of the radical Left?

A gift in your will, trust, or charitable designation will allow Heritage to:

  • Defend parental rights and providing a voice of reason on matters of religious freedom, identity politics, radical gender policy, and rule of law.

  • Expose the dangers of “cancel culture” and critical race theory, and uphold individual freedom in our courts, our schools and universities, and our communities.

  • Allow Heritage to continue its longstanding leadership in education reform and school choice initiatives that provide alternatives to the radical curriculums taking hold of our schools.

  • Provide transformative internships to hundreds of college students each year and teach them why America’s founding principles are critical to a free and prosperous society.

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