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In your survey response, if you checked that you believe our nation is on the wrong track then you know how urgent the situation is for America.

The Biden administration has stumbled its way from one disaster to another: record high inflation, a complete disregard for the threat from China, abandoning human biology, and creating an energy crisis that has left our wallets bleeding at the pumps.

The Left has slanderously called The Heritage Foundation the conservative policy “juggernaut.” But we wear that title with a badge of honor because it shows the impact of our policy experts and top-notch media team at the Daily Signal.

The Left may try to ruin this country with their border disaster, out of control spending, the woke indoctrination of our children in our schools, but with your support The Heritage Foundation is fighting back and putting this country on the RIGHT track.

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  • Empower parents to make their own education choices: where their kids go to school, what schools teach, and the values they promote. Parents, not the Department of Education and teachers’ unions, must be in charge!
  • Secure America’s borders and reduce crime. Complete the border wall. Turn away illegal migrants. Implement E-Verify. On our streets, we must arrest criminals, prosecute them, and throw them in jail!
  • Ensure free and fair elections. Cleaning up voter rolls, ensuring voter ID, and ending ballot trafficking are essential to building back public trust in our elections!
  • Reverse the growth of federal spending and inflation. Inflation is crushing American workers and their families with a hidden tax on everything we buy. No more infinite printing of money and spending like children in a candy store!
  • Counter the threat of the Chinese Communist Party. America needs to build a China-resistant economy and check its growing ambitions!
  • Stop complaining about Big Tech and start taking the fight straight to it. Big Tech is beholden to the Left, and we must dismantle its outsized influence!
  • Protect mothers and their unborn babies from abortion industry-sponsored laws that create a culture of death – including allowing abortion until birth!

That’s our agenda – no excuses, no compromises. As a strong conservative leader, will you step up to the plate and help us fight for this nation?

Meeting these priorities are critical to healing the damage done by this administration. Your gift will make your voice heard in Washington and help make these priorities a reality.

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Heritage Action has made fixing our election laws their #1 priority!

Their “Save Our Elections” grassroots campaign is their largest ever. Because it should be easy to vote, but hard to cheat.

And thanks to the work of Heritage Action and their network of activists, states like Georgia, Florida, Texas, and Arizona passed historic election integrity bills.

Now, Heritage Action is expanding their work at the state level! More states, more issues!

Heritage Action activists are improving election laws, kicking CRT out of the classroom, and defending the lives of the unborn.

And they’re doing all this while still holding Washington’s feet to the fire and halting Biden’s socialist takeover of America.

But Heritage Action can’t do it alone. Please support Heritage Action and their army of grassroots activists. Your support secures REAL conservative victories.

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