Learn the 5 Lies Progressives Tell About Critical Race Theory

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Progressives are outraged—and quite a bit panicked. The anti-critical race theory movement is gaining traction both ideologically and politically, and they are trying anything they can to stop it.

Right now, the Left’s strategy is to distort the truth and mislead the American people so that they can continue to push their Marxist agenda.

But these lies must be unmasked and exposed. That’s why The Heritage Foundation put together this latest eBook: The 5 Lies of CRT.

And today, we are offering this resource to you for FREE.

Inside this important eBook, you’ll not only learn the 5 lies progressives have employed in their campaign to push Critical Race Theory, but you’ll also discover that:

As Progressives ramp up these lies using their friends in the establishment media and Big Tech, we must ensure that Americans know the truth.

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  • None of CRT’s policy approaches would help people of any race or national origin.
  • All of the biggest names pushing CRT have affirmed that they are promoting Marxism.
  • The Left is using CRT to wage a battle for the soul of America—and even the West itself.