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In the mainstream media, crucial stories go unreported–stories about government overreach, for example, or amnesty, or abortion. Reporters aren’t asking the important questions. But the American people deserve answers.

That’s why The Heritage Foundation started The Daily Signal — a trusted, nonprofit, nonpartisan source of information and analysis for the American people.

You can shape America’s policy debates, one story at a time

Since our inception in 2014, The Daily Signal has changed the media landscape. For story after story, the mainstream media turns to us to get its news. And a growing number of Americans turns to us for the inside scoop on what matters most.

Supported by charitable donations, our one-of-a-kind news team includes a dozen journalists both in Washington and around the world. They draw on their unique access to the halls of power in Washington — and to the proven policy expertise of Heritage Foundation experts — to give you news and analysis you can’t get anywhere else.

Here are three recent examples of how we’ve shaped the debate:

  1. Sharyl Attkisson exposed the truth about America’s largest Obamacare exchange, Covered California. The report drew attention from coast to coast and prompted one of the country’s most prestigious journalism organizations to call for greater scrutiny. 
  2. Melissa Quinn revealed the IRS’ seizure of $107,702 from North Carolina convenience store owner Lyndon McLellan. Days after Quinn’s report landed on the influential Drudge Report, the government decided to dismiss the case and return McLellan his money.
  3. Kelsey Harkness uncovered incriminating documents linking LGBT activists and the government agency that fined an Oregon couple $135,000 for declining to serve their cakes at a same-sex wedding.

These stories are changing the debates and changing America’s trajectory. Millions of Americans see our work each month. It’s up to you to support this high-impact journalism and help us bring it to more Americans than ever before.

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