How fair and secure are elections in your state?

Your vote is more than a civic duty. It’s the bedrock of a functional democracy.

And without elections that are fair and secure in the eyes of voters like you, the freedom too many take for granted will be put in jeopardy.  

If you’re concerned about elections in your home state and across the U.S., our Election Integrity Scorecard will show you where your state ranks in terms of secure and fair elections.

This easy-to-use interactive map will help you identify where policy change is urgently needed. Each state is graded and ranked across 12 key metrics that provide an in-depth look at the election laws and regulations of each state, including:

Find out now with our free Election Integrity Scorecard

  • ID requirements for in-person voting

  • The accuracy of voter registration lists 

  • The steps taken to prevent illegal vote harvesting 

  • The transparency of each state’s vote counting practices 

  • The restrictions in place against same-day and automatic voter registration 

  • And more!

And right now, you can access this Election Integrity Scorecard for free!  

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