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Stand for your principles in 2021—even in the face of Congress, the media, and the radical Left ganging up on conservatives and our values. You can do that by standing with The Heritage Foundation. 

With your support, our leading experts can defend and advance your principles in the halls of power , in the media, and in grassroots America. Thanks to you, no other policy think tank has Heritage’s influence.

But with the assaults growing in 2021, defending our shared conservative principles will be more crucial for your life, and America’s future, than ever.

That is why we must finish this year strong, ready to fight for you and win conservative policy victories in the New Year.

Our goal is $367,500 by midnight, December 31.

With the uncertainty surrounding the future of our country right now, it’s vital that you stand strong and build the foundation for the fight now. We must be at full strength to refute the Left’s arguments . . . expose their bad ideas . . . and speak up for conservative values like:

  • Free enterprise, not socialism.
  • Limited government, not authoritarianism.
  • Traditional American values, not cancel culture and the destruction of religious freedom.
  • The rule of law, not the chaos of the mob, government cronies, and lawless progressive activists.
  • Strong national defense, not appeasement and surrender.

The Left has made it clear that we can’t stop now. If we let our guard down, they’ll deliver a blow that we may never recover from again. We cannot give ground. We have to be ready to mount a defense against the attacks that are coming in 2021.

That’s why Heritage needs committed conservatives like you to fight for limited government, economic growth, and personal freedom.

At times like these, our country needs conservative leadership, guidance, and policy more than ever. We can’t do it without you.

Your tax-deductible donation will defend and advance your conservative values now and well into the future. Please give now, so we can start 2021 right.

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You know that sound conservative policy is the best answer to our nation’s problems.

But the liberal left and the Washington Establishment have been blinded by fake news and a stubborn resolve to keep the status quo. This is unacceptable! They have to feel the heat—and that’s where Heritage Action for America comes in. Heritage Action’s lobbyists and grassroots activists put political pressure on legislators and lawmakers to get The Heritage Foundation’s policies across the finish line. Each and every day, Heritage Action is pressuring lawmakers to step it up and fix health care, stop amnesty, and pass welfare reform—or they’ll feel the heat at the polls. But we can’t do this without you.

Hold Washington’s feet to the fire with your gift to Heritage Action today!

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