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Socialism is capturing the minds of America’s young. Why? Because the left has a massive marketing machine working tirelessly to create demand within this susceptible younger generation and force the people into depending on the government for everything.

Many of America’s young people weren’t taught the principles and value of civics in school growing up. Many don’t understand the true value of free market economics. And many are at a time in their life when they’re most vulnerable to the seductive lies of government hand-outs, under the guise of “free stuff” for them.

But we’ve found that when conservative principles are clearly explained to them, young Americans actually turn away from socialism and embrace free enterprise.

If nothing is done to give these young Americans an alternative to hold onto, they will fall victim to voting for socialism in our country. You and I have that alternative: the conservative message.

This is why we are on a mission to produce as many resources like this one as we can, to help all Americans better understand why freedom and prosperity are at risk if we turn all control over to the government.

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