America desperately needs leadership. Here’s how you can help:

Leadership isn’t about winning elections. It’s about what you do after the election. It’s about having the will to act on principle.

Our country is on the brink of chaos, and right now it needs true leadership. Elected officials and lawmakers are supposed to represent the people of this country, but too often they cave to radical socialist revolutionaries that don’t share the values of most of the country.

The mainstream media has turned away from fact-based reporting to become a propaganda machine with a political agenda. They no longer present information that lets you come to your own conclusions—they want you to align your thought with their beliefs.

These two things have combined to pose a serious threat to the America that we know and love. They defend chaos and crime as “peaceful protesting” by these revolutionists, they threaten the integrity of our elections, they promote open borders, ignore the rule of law, and fight to defund police departments in your neighborhood.

Then they use “cancel culture” to force you to be quiet, and use your silence to support their radical ideas.

America desperately needs real leadership in Washington and across the country.

To fill this leadership vacuum, The Heritage Foundation has taken up the mantle of leadership that our country needs to get back on track.

The Heritage Foundation has helped conservatives win the war of ideas. We’ve created solutions that expose people to the truth, enforce our immigration laws, protect our elections, and uphold the rule of law. We aren’t afraid of the threats of the “cancel culture” used to frighten good people into silence and conformity.

The fight for freedom will be difficult, and it will be long. To stay strong, we must have principled partners who will stand with us on the battlefield.

Now is the time to stand for America

Heritage created the Leaders Club, an exclusive band of committed conservatives, to be the conservative voice presenting the policy solutions to America’s problems, and exposing the lies of the radical Left. These patriots show their dedication to conservative principles by supporting the cause with a simple monthly donation.

And now is your opportunity to join the Leaders Club as Heritage makes a real difference in Washington and around the country.

Members of our Leaders Club are our most dedicated supporters. Their monthly support allows Heritage to spend less on fundraising and more time fighting the most critical policy battles:

  • Fight against “fake news” and radical mainstream media outlets working as the propaganda machines of the Left.

  • Protect the sanctity and integrity of our democratic process by defeating attacks on the Electoral College

  • Defend and uphold our existing immigration laws, while promoting new policies to improve legal immigration to our country

  • Uphold the rule of law and defending institutions that defend order in our country

  • Fight the culture war in the public space against the “cancel culture” attacks from “social justice warriors”

  • Grow the number of programs designed to reach and teach young people the truth about American history and heritage, and our founder’s vision and principles.

Lead the way in today’s battles — and in those to come

When you join the Leaders Club, you will ensure that Heritage has the resources to fight anything—and everything—the Left tries to throw at us.

And when you join, you will send a strong message that you will not stand for more of the same big government policies and radicalized socialism… and that you will not rest until conservative victory is secured.

There’s no denying it. The long, hard battle for America’s future is already underway.

That’s why we’re counting on you to join the Leaders Club. You can sign up right now using the form below. When you join Heritage’s exclusive Leaders Club, your donation will be automatically processed each month so you can be confident that your support makes a sustaining impact. And if you ever need to change the amount or cancel—you can do so any time. It’s the easiest and most convenient way to defend the America you know and love.

Join today and lead the fight to defend America’s history and heritage. Fight back against the horde of socialist radicals that want to destroy our country—before it’s too late.

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