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You know that the America we live in today is more divided than ever before. As a conservative, you’ve probably felt pressure from others—even those you love—to compromise your beliefs about the role of government in our republic.

You also know something that today’s youth seem to have never learned—that our founders and the patriots that supported them established a government that grants you the greatest freedoms the world has ever known.

But those freedoms are being challenged by the progressive movement, which has slowly taken control over the minds of many in our country. Every day, Leftist professors and thought leaders seduce more and more Americans into believing lies and slanders about the things that make America exceptional.

They teach that capitalism fosters greed, that large corporations are evil and selfish. They believe that the government is the hero that can save them, and that we must level the playing field by taxing the wealthiest in our country and redistributing their wealth to those who are less fortunate. With more government control and intervention, they think they can “help the little guy.”

But you believe—as our founders did—that as government expands, our freedoms wither.

This is why brave people like you need to stand up and fight against the dangerous ideas that the Left is peddling. Fight back before it’s too late.

Many Americans who believe and feel the way you do, tell us they feel woefully unequipped to combat the Left’s talking points. You need resources that will prepare you to engage with these arguments on the battlefield of ideas.

This is exactly why we have put this course together—we are looking to equip willing and able patriots like you with the talking points, research and resources you need to stand up for nation, and for your principles.

As you’ll learn in your Case for Conservatism online course videos, the progressive movement has taken over control of many American institutions and has been quietly working for years to change the mindset of citizens—especially young people—to believe in the narrative that their socialist ideas are worthy and just.

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