Today, America is faced with a choice: conservatism or socialism?

It’s absolutely critical for all Americans to understand the threat of socialism, and how to fight against it. To spread the message, we need you.

As you know, right now our nation faces a choice like no other: will we teach our children to embrace the vision of America we hold dear, or will we let the Left raise our children instead?

Modern education is trying to make that decision for you. They systematically brainwash the next generation of leaders, withholding the truth of our Founding principles from them, and instead filling their minds with the empty promises of their Leftist agenda. What’s more, they try to silence anyone who stands in their way. But enough is enough. The lies of the Left can’t destroy the hearts and minds of America any longer: it’s time to take a stand, and to advance the principles of freedom and opportunity to everyone. The survival of our nation depends on it.

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Our talk with Victor Davis Hanson was just the beginning. With you by our side, Heritage has big plans to build and inspire the conservative movement like never before, and crush the lies of socialism once and for all. We want you to be with us every step of the way.

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