Stop Obama’s Bathroom Overreach

According to a unilateral new Obama administration dictate, public schools across the country must allow boys to use the girls’ bathroom and girls to use the boys’ bathroom. All in the name of transgender rights. So if a 17-year-old boy claims to identify as a girl, it’s okay for him to shower in a girls’ high school locker room.

Common sense has officially left Washington. And a scary reality awaits us – if we don’t act now.

This isn’t leadership that respects the Constitution’s balance of powers. We’re dealing with an administration that consistently oversteps its bounds with executive orders that trample on local prerogatives. Big brother is in full force in our government. And this time – the effects are beyond ridiculous.

It’s time for conservatives to act. Sign this open letter to lawmakers encouraging them not to sit back and allow this usurpation to continue.

Add your name to the open letter to Congress

We the undersigned will not stand by and watch as the Obama administration overreaches yet again with its mandate that boys be allowed in girls’ school bathrooms and vice versa.

This imposition of a left-wing social experiment has no place in our children’s schools, and certainly should not be imposed by executive fiat and the power of the federal government.

We urge lawmakers to do everything in their power to fight against executive overreach and to restore limited, constitutional government.

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