Get the “8 Stubborn Facts on Gun Violence in America” today.

Get your free copy of “8 Stubborn Facts on Gun Violence in America” today:

The progressive left has a favorite play in their playbook that they have been using for years. In the wake of every tragic mass shooting or high-profile incident involving gun violence, we hear the same narrative: To stop these horrible atrocities from happening, we must crack down on gun control laws.

But is the answer really to create more laws around gun control, or is this just an opportunity to limit your Constitutional right to bear arms?

Is there any evidence between tighter gun control laws and a decrease in gun violence in America, or anywhere else in the world?

Some members of Congress will stop at nothing to ramrod through increased gun control upon the American people.

To educate them and Americans everywhere about the truth behind gun violence, we’ve put together this guide to give people the real facts that cannot be overlooked.

Get your free copy of “8 Stubborn Facts on Gun Violence in America” today and get facts like:

  • How violent crime is actually down, although media coverage would have you think otherwise.

  • What the real public safety concern is when it comes to gun violence (spoiler alert: it’s not mass shootings).

  • What the connection between higher rates of gun ownership actually mean to the rate of violent crimes.

  • Whether or not there is a relationship between strict gun control laws and decreases in homicide or violent crimes.

  • And much, much more...