It’s crucial that people know the truth about Judge Gorsuch.

Here’s why: The left has had a plan to transform the Supreme Court permanently after the death of Justice Scalia. They wanted to continue to pack the Court with activist judges—and former President Obama nominated Merrick Garland for the job.

Our sister organization, Heritage Action’s “No Hearings, No Votes” campaign activated a massive network of activists to prevent this nomination and changed the political landscape in 2016. The one issue that galvanized the American people to action more than any other this election season was the open seat on the Supreme Court. According to exit polls conducted on Election Day, 75 percent of those who voted for Donald Trump said the Supreme Court was either their top issue or an important one in their decision.

The Supreme Court needs committed Constitutionalists on its bench. That’s why Heritage and Heritage Action are actively messaging for the confirmation of Judge Gorsuch. But this nomination battle also allows Heritage to make a larger case: that the proper role of the federal judiciary is to interpret law based first and foremost on the intention of the writers’ of the Constitution and our founding principles. Heritage’s legal and policy experts will testify, publish papers, coordinate with allied organizations, and message robustly in the media (including our own Daily Signal) in favor of Constitutionalists like Judge Gorsuch.

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